last glimpse of light

yesterday was not the best day. at all. but it ended more beautifully than i could have dreamed (despite the ridiculous heat, humidity and amount of mosquitoes). i wish i could have kept shooting, but this was it -- the last few shots before the light was gone. heart is happy.  and i so love my job.  i know i always say it, but truly...i am blessed.

nikon D3, 35mm, f/2.0, 1/100, ISO 3200

ETA:  the last shot makes my heart ache.  ache for photos of me with my own children.  i can barely hold ryder anymore; he's so big.  he still wants to snuggle (most of the time) but i know the days are numbered. look back on the photographs. on the memories that the camera captured.  memories that my mind has trouble holding onto.  longing...