success & great pictures

such a great series hosted by colin pantall that really gets you thinking!!  or at least it should. what is success? | part I

what is success? | part II

what makes a great picture?

it's interesting to read all the different thoughts on how one defines success.  while the definitions vary, a common thread amongst many (if not most) is that 'what is success?' is a difficult question, but not a stupid question at all.  personally, i believe it's a question we all should sit and explore and do our best to answer for ourselves.

here's a few comments, from colin pantall's blog, that i fell in love with...

Success for myself is not just about doing good, professional work.For lack of a better word, there's an element of magic. An innocuous detail that pushes the image into another level. When we're lucky, when we trust our instincts, we're hit with an electric charge. Does this last? Oftentimes it doesn't. When the initial burst of clamor fades, but there's still magic in it, people still respond, you still feel something when you see it. That to me is success. - maciek jasik

If people can connect with my pictures and enjoy them that is enough for me. It’s like you are walking down the street and you smile at someone and they smile back. There is nothing given and nothing taken. It is just like a little nudge, a recognition of humanity and life. That is what photography means to me. It is my profession, it is my religion, it is my karma, it is my life. - raghu rai

the camera the kids made for me for mother's day a couple years ago, taken a few day s before we left kansas.

ETA:  just came across this photo and couldn't help but laugh...puppies make great pictures too :-))