the gift of time

written for the incredible motherhood with a camera blog, a gathering of images and writings, each swirling around a specific theme. this week, the topic was time and here is my submission.

time precious and fleeting unstoppable time gives time takes your past is a memory your future is a mystery all you know for certain is your time now this very moment each day a present how will you spend your time? from the time you rise till the time you rest it’s a choice your choice what will your legacy be? that you lived your life fully and spent your time well that you were kind and good and giving i hope so because time is a gift i will do my best to cherish every minute and celebrate my time but for now it’s time to say thank you for your time!


you can view the entire choir of the beautiful and inspiring voices here.

san diego fall sessions

it's that time again to begin coordinating my san diego fall children and family photography sessions. i will be photographing in san diego october 14th - 16th.  and possibly the 17th.  please email me if interested in commissioning a session.

i can't wait to be back in san diego.  i will be photographing a few families for the fourth year in a row just happens to be my birthday.

so excited!!