and then...

we went to a field.  a most magical field.  a place that swarmed with beauty and strength.  just like the momma, who we photographed. i couldn't get enough and i didn't want to leave. stunning in every way.

and i just had to share this excerpt, from this most incredible woman's blog post...because these words are so applicable to terrie. to today. and tomorrow. to life with this baby girl.

and i will crack myself wide open open open open to experience to pain to love to hurt to the brilliance that could be my life, that will be my life. - jeanette leblanc

terrie, do not fear. be open. and know that in the end, everything will be okay. actually amazing. you are blessed. you are strong. as will she. i wish i could share with you all that i see. and if i could, you would know that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. as jeanette so eloquently wrote -- cherish the experience, the pain, the love, the hurt, the brilliance. cherish all that life is about to bring your way.