the beaty family | coming home

i had already blogged about lifetime's new show, coming home, which features military homecoming stories, here.  but last night's episode (episode 2  | daddy's little girl) featured the beaty family's homecoming. if you missed it, no worries, you can watch the full episode here.  the beaty family is on episode 2 (daddy's little girl) and starts about a third of the way in.

love them so!!

some of my favorite photos from the beaty family's homecoming...

home sweet home | part I

today, i returned from the most amazing weekend in virginia, where i had the opportunity to photograph a military homecoming. mike beaty returned this past saturday after being deployed on the USS truman for seven months. saturday was the first time that mike got to meet his daughter, scout (now 10 weeks old). as with almost every homecoming, there was lots of anticipation and waiting. it was a magical morning full of excitement, love, support, friendship and strength.

it was so awesome to see all the friends, who came to welcome mike home -- the same friends that helped, supported and encouraged steph throughout the prior seven months.

and meet the paparazzi, from lifetime network.  they, along with the producers of extreme makeover home edition, are producing a new reality show that will celebrate the emotional reunions of military family members.  the beaty family is going to be one of the families featured on the show, which is tentatively scheduled to air this spring.  so exciting!!

and i have to say, it was very interesting (and challenging at times) to photograph, when there's a few film cameras, boom microphones, producers, newspaper photographers, military photographers...all wanting to occupy the same little space.  :-)

i'm hoping to share some of the photos from the actual reunion moment in the next day or two. such an incredible, emotional moment to witness and be a part of.