boho loveliness

boho girl (aka denise, of boho photo) and i talked months and months ago about getting together and swapping photo sessions. both of us busy--me managing temporarily single momness and her raising their new baby boy. the months passed and before i knew it, we were preparing for our move to kansas, with no further discussion of photo session swaps. but then, the end of may...boho girl emailed me about the exchange. i know you're busy and leaving, but is there any way that we could do this for one another soon?!?

knowing it was just she and i to coordinate and that i adored her blog loveliness, i said yes. surely we could figure something out, right?! and we did...this past weekend. very, very early in the morning. just she and i, being girls and doing this for one another.

when we met, i was nervous...amazed that this awesome artist (of mainly incredible and talented women) wanted me to photograph her. it's always incredibly flattering when another artist asks you to photograph them, but this was boho girl wanting me to photograph her, just her--as a woman, a writer, an artist. but i dug deep, to find the confidence to capture her, just as she hoped and dreamt.

in the end, it turned out to be easy because boho girl is incredible. her body screams with goodness, strength, beauty and confidence. just being around her makes me happy. and makes me want more of her.

and then it was my turn, to be in front of the camera. i had contemplated at least 100 times about canceling but i knew it was something i needed to do. and i'm so thankful i did. boho girl helped me see my own beauty--something i have always struggled with. not good enough. not pretty enough. not thin enough. not smart enough. the list goes on. but boho girl made me feel comfortable in my own skin.  boho girl made me feel beautiful.  and gave me photos of myself that i will forever treasure.

boho girl needed me. and i needed her. i know our paths were meant to cross and our photo sessions meant to happen.  i'm thankful for it all.  deeply thankful.

i leave you with some photos of boho girl and a special photo of me, taken by boho girl, where i feel she captured the essence of who i am and how i feel.

love you boho girl. and while our friendship has only just begun, i know it will continue to bloom--a special and forever friendship, for sure! xo. me