one man's junk...

is another man's treasure. or for this man, he has transformed his junk into an inspirational museum of wonder. mmmm... my dear friend and best finder of special things, erin, shared this video today and i can't say enough about it. please take five minutes and watch it. i promise, it's something special and you won't regret it.

so authentic. so beautiful. a man just living. and being. discovering. and exploring. doing what he loves. simply because he loves it. and mr. john henry toney. i want him to sing to me. i want to just sit and talk with them. both of them. and listen. i'd love to hear their stories. for hours. i'd love to soak in all they are... and all they have to share.

one of these days while stationed here in florida, i'm going to make a road trip to alabama.  hopefully with my family. in an RV. i want to visit mr anthony's museum of wonder and if i'm lucky enough, i'll have the opportunity to chat with mr. anthony for a bit.  he inspires me.  in so many ways.

really, i've watched this video a couple times and each time, my eyes fill with tears.

yep, i love butch anthony. john henry toney too.

pot head | © butch anthony

you can see more of butch anthony's items for sale in his museum of wonder shop here on etsy.