have you seen?

i think pretty much everyone has now heard of vivian maier.  but have you seen the new vivian maier site?  i swear i could look at her work all day.  and night.  it's mind blowing how talented she was.  and even more mind blowing how she shot for nothing more than herself and her love for shooting.  goodness...her eye. her composition. her timing. so much talent!!

i really would love to own any one of her prints but here's a few of my favorites from her new site.

i've seen this one before, but man, i love it so much!!

and this self portrait.  OMG!!!

i can't wait to get her book and watch her documentary (i donated to her project long ago on kickstarter and have both coming my way once they're done).  and one day...i will make it to one of her exhibitions.