fav finds [the day after] friday

how cool are these boats?

the prettiest rings on etsy. all of them.

can't help but love this shirt.

well said.

said to be the best holiday recipe.

a year of crockpot recipes. one for every day. this lady did just that.

love this simple polaroid wall layout. i so miss the old 600 film.

so love this. would love to have a huge 3 or 5 of my own. maybe next house.

love these lettered cups. sky has tons of knickknacks and i think something like this could be the perfect solution, along with being a stylish trinket collector [although i'd prefer plastic & available in the US]

sources: cotton bird designs garnet girl designs wildfox sapling press my recipes stephanie 'dea | a year of slow cooking flickr la la lovely things design letters

fav finds friday

thought it would be fun to start sharing some of my favorite new finds of the week.  so here we go... adore this necklace for a child.


i love this DIY coat rack and am thinking about asking steve to do a rack for the little ones' room [since they have such a tiny closet and sky has so many dresses].

a cute DIY book mark project.  would make a great little addition for christmas gifts and a fun project to work on with the kids.

this was so, so good and easy.  definitely a keeper recipe.

brings me back to childhood. one of my all-time favorites, especially around the holidays.

as we demo and renovate our bathroom, pinterest has been an awesome place for inspiration and putting ideas, thoughts and design all together.

one of the next projects that i want to do with the kids. could also make for some great christmas giving.

a message about this is going around on pinterest right now.  i remember seeing it on the news quite a long time ago.  in 45 minutes at DC's metro station [jan 2007], only 6 people stopped and listened for a short while, 20 gave money but continued to walk at their normal pace...all while one of the greatest violinists in the world played six bach pieces. he collected a total of $32. indeed...i wonder how many amazing, incredible things we are missing during our hectic day-to-day lives? or that we just don't take the time to stop and notice.

hope you have an awesome weekend!

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