let the season begin

super excited that the season for underwater shooting is about to begin. i actually was already underwater with cheryl jacobs during her film inspires! workshop.  but this shot -- mostly above water -- happens to be my favorite from the afternoon.

but how i love this one too.  red-haired CJ with her ziploc-bagged holga.

and a couple of my holga shots from the workshop, taken while walking around the neighborhood where the workshop was held.  hopefully more fun film shooting in the near future.  maybe even some home-developing too.

p.s. more exciting raffles being announced very soon!!

somewhere to disappear

wow, this film seems so incredible!! two filmmakers followed alec soth over a two-year period as he worked on his 'broken manual' project. chills just watching the trailer.

Trailer 'Somewhere To Disappear' from Arnaud Uyttenhove on Vimeo.

i have no idea when or where the film is going to show, but i can't wait to see it when it does.

please take some time to view alec sloth's work.  it's so powerful and awesome and genuine and intimate and raw and just wow!!  seeing work like this always makes me realize how very much learning and growing i have yet to do as a photographer.

a couple shots i love, from alec's broken manual project...