back at it and my first

i've had a few people message me recently about how they've missed my blog. or i guess my blogging. to be honest, i was a bit surprised but goodness, hearing that made my heart so happy. i've missed it too!!  

i've always blogged because it was...because it just felt right. and then i got really, really busy, with a lot of traveling and i just couldn't make blogging happen. at least i couldn't make it happen and feel good about it -- that it was authentic and heartfelt.

so i'm getting back to it. i'm going through some of my older photos that made my heart soar.  that i wanted to share but never did.   i'm simply getting back to this space -- this space that has brought me so much joy over the years.

with all of that said, i also wanted to share a big announcement (along with a few accompanying honest thoughts)...

marketing myself does not come easy. i don't like tooting my own horn. i don't like promoting myself.  i almost have to get out of my own head to be able to post about these amazing things that have happened with my photography. it's hard because i'm so incredibly grateful, but i kind of wish that people just magically found out. like some kind of mental telepathy thing.  but since the mental telepathy thing isn't going to happen, i have to come to terms with sharing.  and that's how i make peace with myself.  it's sharing.  not bragging. not boasting. it's about sharing and being grateful. and i need to get over this hang up of mine.

so in sharing my big announcement, i also thank you -- i am beyond grateful to all who have supported encouraged pushed and believed in me. from the bottom of my heart, i thank you!

one week from today, i will have my first solo show at the kiernan gallery in lexington, virginia. i sure hope to see some friends there. that would be amazing. i'm excited, grateful, thrilled, can't wait...but i'm also just a wee bit nervous.

i also share small bits regularly here on my deb schwedhelm photography facebook page.

surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself. - author unknown

new friends

i'm honored.  and so excited.  recently, one of my photographs was selected for the center for fine art photography's 2009 international exhibition of fine art photography--an exhibition jurored by andy adams. the show, in ft collins, colorado, starts today and will run through october 31st.  i was hoping to attend today's opening reception but unfortunately i'm not able to...but still hoping to see the show sometime later this month.

you can see all the exhibition's selected photographs here.

art of photography show opening reception gala

art of photography show opening reception galathis saturday, august 29th, 6-9 PM lyceum theatre, san diego

they say there is going to be over 1000 people attending this event, so it's suggested to arrive close to 6 PM.

all the details, including directions to the show, can be found here.

needless to say, i'm so excited and honored to have my photograph selected for this international exhibition. to be a part of this most amazing group of artists is beyond words.

if you go to the show's main page, you can see my photograph along with a few other images, as part of a sampling of the art of photography 2009 show.

i'm so excited i could scream!!  hope to see you there.