gettin' crafty

i've always loved crafty stuff [although when i recently texted my mom about what i loved to craft as a child, her response was, "you didn't like to do many things. you wanted to be with your friends and play."]. but, i remember loving to draw, doodle and cross-stitch...a lot.  i also remember getting very frustrated with tangled threads, when cross-stitching.  my mom later added that i did do a great job with those things.  as an adult, i've cross-stitched, scrapbooked and quilted -- all for random short periods of time. now, my kids so love crafting. they're drawing, painting and simply creating all the time. they have the best imaginations and the freeness to be...that only childhood offers.

well...pinterest has my crafting spirit really fired up. i feel the pull. and i long to start creating soon. very soon.

here's a few projects that are at the top of my list right now. projects that i long to get started on soon...very soon!

i love you collage [will take lots of time to collect all those letters. should start collecting today.]

silhouette picture of all three of my kids

our embroidered hands

animal topped storage jars [my kids love playing with the hard-figured animals. such a perfect project to celebrate their joy.]

create my own designs and cross-stitch my entire family

and i recently asked steve to get my brand-new-unopened-year-old sewing machine out of our storage facility, which he did.  it's now sitting in the corner of my bedroom, anxiously waiting for some attention.

bean bag chair cover [we have an ugly bean bag, which i would love to cover in some cool mod fabric.]

lounging mat [perfect for our hard wood floors and a couch that is too small for all five of us]

last time i got bit by the really crafty bug, i made these tents over the littles' beds [in our kansas house].  i hope someone who found them at goodwill appreciated them. we just didn't have the room in this house and i figured by the time we leave, the littles would be too old for these tents.

have you recently done a crafting project that you loved or are so excited about?  if so, i'd love to hear about it.  please share.

feeling artsy-fartsy crafty

as long as i can remember, i've loved crafting.  when i was 10 or so, i so vividly remember making my aunt two large poster drawings for her new baby's room; i drew and colored them and was so very proud.  and i always loved cross-stitching.  i just loved working on any craft in general.  and now, my kids are the same way, including ryder.  they. love. crafts. as an adult, after getting out of the air force, i began digitally scrapbooking.  and when i was pregnant with ryder, i was a quilting fool.  and then, we moved to san diego and in 2006, my craft became photography, which i believe was my ultimate calling.  however, i still long for other non-photography-things crafty.  the problem?  time, of course, which i plant to elaborate on in my next blog post--the whole being a mother and work-from-home-photographer thing.  it definitely needs it's own dedicated blog post.

lately, i've been seeing all sorts of fabulous craft projects (via facebook and my google reader).  i long to get back to that place, where i am working on cool handmade projects.  and i want to do cool craft projects with my kids.  i want my kids to see the beauty and value of a handmade gift.

so this morning after breakfast with santa, we headed to walmart (the only craft-like store within 40 miles), in hopes of purchasing a bunch of craft supplies. and we did!  we bought items to make felt polaroid christmas ornaments, wooden ornaments and sun catchers for the kids to paint and some quilting supplies.  unfortunately, i had given all of my quilting stuff to good will (unfinished quilts, tons of fabric, patterns, cutting board, etc.), after not quilting for a couple years.  :-(

here's a few projects that i totally love and plan on doing over the next few months.  i'm so excited!!

i personally think there is nothing greater than getting a handmade gift at christmas time!!  i hope others do too.

felt polaroid christmas ornaments , tutorial by katie.cupcake

promendade market tote, pattern by denyse schmidt quilts

felt ball wreath, by pickles (i plan to hang mine all year long ;-)

here's a quick iphone pic of a hanging wall quilt i did for kiele in 2004.