this month national childhood cancer awareness month. no parent should ever hear the words "your child has cancer". no family should ever have their lives turned upside down because of cancer. no child should suffer from cancer. no parent should ever lose their child to cancer. no parent should ever be left with a shattered heart and empty arms.

please join me in spreading the word and raising awareness of childhood cancer.

what can YOU do? read. learn. share (blog, facebook, twitter). donate. recognize. be aware and... help bring childhood cancer and it's research to the forefront. above adapted from momma's pixie dreams blog post.

remember this post?

you can do something as simple as spreading the word to others to run on september 11th and donate.  just imagine, if this spread to 5,000 people and each person donated only $5.  together, we would raise $25,000.  you can donate via my blog post or via max's dad's blog post. please donate...they have $780 left to reach their goal of $2000.  and i hope you'll be joining me for a one-mile run on september 11th, no matter where  you are.  if for any reason, you're unsure, just take one minute to read this, or this or this.

please help spread the word!

in closing, i want to share and remember these two amazing boys, who lost their battle against the terrible beast -- neuroblastoma.  remembering sam and max and their amazing families.  love you guys!!