lensbaby love

i get asked a lot of questions about my shots like these...

the above images were all taken with the lensbaby composer and double glass optic.  i just can't say enough regarding either product.

and lensbaby recently launched a couple new products, which i'm super stoked about --the sweet 35 optic and the composer pro.

i already have the sweet 35 optic (but haven't had it very long at all). it's awesome. it's different. and i can't wait to play with it more.  below are a few shots that i've taken over the past couple weeks.  i really haven't shot a lot, period, over the past couple months...something i'm hoping to remedy soon. very, very soon!

and i should be getting my composer pro next week.

i just can't wait.

oh yea, one more thing... it's truly an honor to share that the photo below was selected for the packaging of the composer pro.  purchase a composer pro and you'll find this image beautifully wrapped around the box.  thanks lensbaby!!

ETA:  one thing i forgot to mention is that with the sweet 35 optic, the aperture can easily be switched, from f/2.5 - f/22.  the double glass does not offer that.  but the two definitely have their own, unique look and feel (IMHO).  and i will always love my double glass.  which means i'm completely torn on which optic to purchase, if you're purchasing a lensbaby for the first time.