san francisco casting call

we’re looking for a couple families to be photographed at our wallflower friends retreat -- the afternoon of saturday, april 28th.

casting call details: - will receive complimentary photo session - will take place at half moon bay, CA (exact location TBD) - families will be photographed by either myself or leah - must be willing to sign a model release - will be geared towards demonstrating client shooting to workshop participants - participating familes will receive approximately 20-30 5x7 prints (with the opportunity to order discounted enlargements)

if interested, please email us a recent photograph of your family -- be sure to include the ages of your child(ren) and the date the photo was taken.

some photos from our past wallflower friends retreats...

to see more photos from our past retreats, be sure to check out leah's photos too.

casting call

kansas has allowed me time to just be, think and dream. and i've been dreaming (and talking) about a few photography projects that i would love to start working on. and to work on projects, i need people willing to participate (beyond my own children, who aren't always the most willing). here's what i'm looking and hoping for: children, ages 5-12.

the casting calls will: - be free of charge - will require a model release - be focused on capturing one or two images

all participants will receive 5x7 prints of all edited images.

who knows where this project will go. for the moment, i just keep dreaming of what's possible...and dreaming big!

if interested, please email me with your child's photograph(s) and availability.

i'm looking to expand on this ongoing series.