magazine feature

a few months ago, i had the awesome opportunity to photograph for babiekins magazine. i had such a blast coming up with the shoot concepts and the girls were amazing to work with.  they were such troopers too -- as it was so cold AND windy on the day of the shoot. it pained me not to share the photos right after i edited them, but that's the agreement -- no sharing until the issue is released. so i patiently waited...and waited!

so without further ado, here's a few of my favorites...

a super special thanks to all the models and their parents.  along with andie sleeman [for makeup] and darlina contto [for hair].

the entire spring issue can be viewed here [my spread starts on page 262].

and a few behind-the-scenes photos that one of the model's parents shared with me...



no, i didn't see her cape but i secretly think that kristin is superwoman. five kids, ages one to 12. all so well behaved, kind and polite. her husband often away for work.  she home schools. and who looks this amazing after five kids, with the youngest just turning one? yep, superwoman, i say. i was supposed to photograph the young family a month ago, but it was rained out. they were driving from gainesville and we just couldn't take a chance with the weather we were having at the time. just so happened that her ten-year-old had a football game in clearwater this past friday, so we did a session with kristin and the kids on saturday. and i'm super excited to be photographing the whole family in the spring, when kristin's husband is done traveling for a bit.

kristin is an awesome photographer, who recently moved from california to gainesville. and while i'm so honored each and every time i'm commissioned by my peers, it also adds some added stress and pressure [self-imposed, of course].

what if i don't live up to her expectations? what if she's disappointed? what if... what if... what if...

but i'm happy to say that this is what kristin shared after seeing some of her photos...

at loss of words...really (and i can talk.) loveeverysingleoneofthem. (as in, have the huge urge to take down every single photo in my house and just put these up instead.)

love them, love, them. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

cannot thank you enough, deb.  from the very bottom of my heart....k

and with that said, my heart is SO, SO happy!! again kristin, i can't thank you enough for entrusting me with your family's photographs!!

here's a few of my favorites...

maui | part three

visits with old friends.meeting new friends. lunch and shopping at the super cool town of paia. gin and tonics with cucumber and mint. photo session on fleming beach. steve... kite boarding lessons. times two. early morning snorkeling at molokini crater. clear water. lots of fish, an eel and seven sea turtles. an incredible last-night's dinner at nick's fish house. and through it all, i feel so blessed to have experienced the most amazing reconnection with my husband. i never want to forget our time spent together in maui.

steve, thank you for loving me!!

and now... on to vail, for the awesome NAPCP retreat.  so excited to be speaking on the 27th.

have faith

faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.- rabindranath tagore

may we all have faith, feel the light, find our wings, sing our song and soar!!  feels kind of cheesy as i write those words, but feels kind of awesome at the same time.  like i just want to sit here and breathe it all in. anyways...

some photos just make my heart so happy.  and the bird photo just happens to be one of those photos. taken yesterday, while the kids and i were at the beach (steve was parachuting).  :-)

also, if you get a on over to the creative mama blog, where i shared a bit about my annual family books and the book making process.