reach for the stars

remember when sky and i went to check out the light? this session was the reason why. we went to get a photograph for the cover of the third grade [auction project] book i've been working on.  the school theme is 'reach for the stars' so we went with that for the book theme too. this is sky's page spread from the book...

she wrote,

I reach for the stars every time I finish a goal.  And when I have been working on something for a long time.  Also when I have completed a challenge.  And every time I complete a goal like when I finish one of my gymnastics meets.  Or complete something we have doing at school and at my house.  That's what I do to reach for the stars.

and this is the photo i chose for the book cover.

i just love doing these books so much! this year, we decided to do the auction book as a pre-sale item, so that every parent in the class has the opportunity to purchase one.  i'm hoping they do well!!

i also photographed the three sisters [the middle child is in sky's class and mom is my kids incredible art teacher]. i just love the spirit of these kids [and the whole family]...through and through. thank you for all your inspiration and support kim!!

ETA: i decided to answer this question [from a comment], so that all interested in the doing a school auction project could benefit.

Q: Hello, I have so intrigued by this project and each year I read about it , I want to ask " when do you take the photographs for the book?' Do you schedule private sessions or take them during the school day. Do you need parent signature for participation? I am a teacher/librarian and would love "lift" your idea for a school wide reading incentive. Any ideas/advice you would be willing to share would be awesome.

A: i come to the school one morning and photograph the kids someplace on the school grounds. it takes about 30 minutes to get through the entire class. i do individual portraits and a couple group shots. this year, i came back a second time, to capture the kids on the playground -- a bit more casual. i don't get parent signatures for participation; however, we make sure that the parents have all signed the photography release for the school. there was one child in sky's class, whose parent did not sign the release, so the teacher checked to see if the parents were interested in their child participating in the auction book project [they said yes]. the teach and i then decide on something for the kids to draw and write about. for the younger ones, we ask them a question and document their response and include that with their drawing. i then scan all the drawings and writings and clean up the pages [spots, marks that weren't completely erased, etc.]. lastly, i just put everything together.

here's ryder's spread from his class' auction book. i included a writing they did at the beginning of the school year...on why they're special because it was too cute to pass up.

in the past, a single book has been up for auction; however, the book didn't auction off as high as we wished. so this year, we decided to try the book as a pre-sale auction item, available to all parents. the book is $65 and with the purchase of the book, they'll also be getting a 5x7 print of their child [as featured in the book].

the in between

between two school (class) auction photo books, workshop prep and deads and dress photos, my spare time has been slim to none. oh yea, that doesn't include plumbing problems, etc. anyways...i thought i'd share a bit of what my time has been consumed with lately -- first, check out this second grader's writing and drawing about what he wants to be when he grows up. OMG!! be-still my heart.

and here's my kids' book spreads this year.

Sky wrote:

i whant to be a veternarien beacuse I love animuls.  And I whant to be a photogerpher beacuse I like taking pictures.  And beacuse I like meating other people.  And seeing things I never saw before.  I also want to be a vetunarein beacuse I want to help animuls when they are hurt.  I want to be a dacer and singer beacuse I always love bacing and singing every singgul day.

Skyler, 7 years old

Ryder said:

When I grow up, I want to be a policeman and a artist because I always like to do art and I don't know about the other.

Ryder - 5

lastly, check out these incredible women -- a few of the shots i photographed of the crossfit jaguar women, for the deads and dresses contest. i'm hoping that a photographer friend of mine will do my pictures once i'm back from the utah. but of course, i have to get the perfect pair of socks first. :-)

and my most awesome trainer, who has inspired me so!!