prudent advice

found this blog today, through another blog through another and another.  it often works that way. i really love jaime's bits of wisdom shared.  can't wait to buy the book:  500 pieces of prudent advice for my baby daughter.  can't wait to read it with my kids.  and highlight my favorites.  and discuss why these things are important.  and add my own bits of advice, that may be different than jaime's.  maybe i'll use the book as a journal of sorts.  adding notes here and there.  something that could be passed down to my kids.  that will evolve over time.  can't wait!!

a few of my favorites...

1.  always send a thank you note.

2.  try to know what is bubbling around your heart.

10.  offer your seat to elderly and pregnant people.

95.  have a firm handshake.

98.  if you haven't worn it in a year, give it away.

99.  you are bound to experience disappointment.

116.  at the close of each day, fill your head with thoughts of how lucky you are.

181.  be where you are.

203. return your shopping cart.

213.  create a sense of family no matter where you are.

214. try not to wait eagerly for people to finish their stories just so you can tell your own versions that more directly involve you.

my mother-in-law is so awesome with handwritten notes.  i treasure each and every handwritten note i receive, as it's a rarity these days.  in 2010, i'm going to try and be better with writing handwritten notes.  and remembering birthdays.  i used to remember each and every birthday...meticulously.  photography consumed my life and sadly i've forgotten to acknowledge most birthdays these past couple years.

years ago, i heard the statement be the one to put your shopping cart back, on the radio.  i literally think of it each and every time i go shopping and...i have done it ever since.  no matter what the weather. or the circumstances.  i love jaime's added note on this topic: abandoning your shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot implies a sense of entitlement.  someone has to put it away.  that someone should be you.

on december 31st, i'm going through my closet and giving away everything i haven't worn in a year.  i have a few special things that i keep saying i'm going to wear.  but i don't.  they're going too.

my advice for today: love your life. smile often. and just be happy.