09 January | Our New Norm

Something that I have thought a lot about with this relocation is our new norm. In Japan, we homeschooled and traveled a ton. We had so much time with one another -- and general freedom. Life here in Williamsburg is drastically different. My kids are back in public school and have become very involved in rowing (Sky) and swimming (Ryder). Both sports involve two-hour practice six days a week. So basically I've become a part-time taxi and I barely see the kids. After sports, it's dinner, homework, and typically they end up in their rooms during the weekdays doing what teenagers do in there. I know I'm probably preaching to the choir for many of you, but goodness this is a change for us. One thing that I have resolved with myself is that I'm okay with this new norm of driving my kids here, there, and everywhere because I look at it as this is their (my kids') chapter; it's their time to shine. For their entire lives, they have moved around every couple years, which meant that they haven't been able to be a part of a longterm, proper sport's team and even friendships came and went, although both kids do have long-distant friends that have withstood the test of time. 

I also have really considered my photography, as I do with every relocation. Shit changes and that includes my photography journey, but I have come to look at every relocation as a gift. With every move, there are forced breaks and the necessity of giving my photography journey and goals a good, hard assessment. I cannot share how important breaks and reflection are, while on a photography journey. Mine have happened organically because of our moves, but that is not the norm for most, and breaks and reflection must be self-imposed. So I encourage you to take the time to quiet the noise, reflect on the work that you have made and the growth that has taken place, and critically think about the work you are presently making and the direction you wish to head. You will never regret the choice to do this!