07 January | A Magical House

I have driven by this house so many times, aching to photograph it. The house is abandoned, but from the twisty trees to the solitude of the house, I absolutely love this location. So when we drove by and I pointed out the house to my friend, Jen, and told her how I have been dying to photograph the house and how the snow looks so awesome, she said, "let's do it." So I flipped a u-turn, parked at the gas station and off we went. I am longing to photograph more at this house but I have to figure out who owns it and ask permission because Skyler noticed the "no trespassing" sign. One day I will get there. For now, I'm happy to have made this photograph. Thankfully I had both my Fuji X100F and my Canon Mark IV because frustratingly my Canon stopped working in the cold. I would take a shot and it would shut off and show no battery. Later when my camera warmed up, it showed that I still had three-quarters battery remaining.