Ome River Walk

Weather was nice and so we decided to drive two hours to hike along the Ome River near Mt. Mitake. Little did I think to check the weather two hours away. UGH. Lesson learned. Shortly after we arrived at the Ome River, it started pouring. Of course, we didn't bring our umbrellas either. We ran to a nearby covered patio to try and stay a bit dry. We decided to grab a snack at one of the food shacks to kill some time and figure out our next step. Steve ordered a noodle dish and I ordered something that looked like a chicken dish. It was chicken alright -- a bowl full of chicken skin. Steve and Ryder liked it; Skyler and I passed on the dish. 

We decided that we were going to make the best of our trip and as soon as there was a slight break in the rain, we would run back to the car, change into our swimsuits and hike in the rain. To our surprise, once we changed into swimsuits, the rain stopped. The day remained cloudy for the most part but it was pretty darn beautiful. 

The Ome River is a white water rafting river, where the water is a constant 52 degrees. We did find a couple areas where the water was a bit calmer, to walk in and explore, and Ryder even got in to swim a little. He said that he had to do it. 

It was an incredible hike, with phenomenal views. I can only imagine how beautiful it's going to be in a couple months when the leaves start changing. 

Also, I adored all the hand drawn signs along the path. While we couldn't read any of them, we have fun guessing what they might be about.