Catching up and keeping up

That is my goal -- to catch up and keep up. I'm so behind with sharing, but I'm going to try my best to get back to regularly sharing and doing so on time. So let me start with our trip back to the US in May because that is kind of (sadly) where I left off. My oldest, who is attending college in Virginia, endured a cochlear implant internal device failure. What does that mean? Surgery to explant the failing device and then re-implant a new functioning device, which allows her to properly hear again. So the littles and I flew back to the US for five weeks, to be there with Kiele through her surgery and recovery. We are beyond grateful to the awesome McGuire family who hosted us while we were in the Maryland and Virginia area. I'm thrilled to report that while Kiele has a tough 2014, she is doing great with her new implant; however, it could take up to a year before she is hearing "back to normal".

Below are some of my favorite photographs from our trip back to the US. Oh yea, I almost forgot (although I'm not sure how I could forget), Sky broke her knee three days before our flight. Yep, that was so not-at-all-fun. She is now doing well too, after six weeks in a long-leg cylinder cast and a lot of recovery time. Click on images to view larger.