Here & There

Leah Zawadzki and I have been friends, since pretty much the beginning of our photography journey. And you see Leah is a blue and I am a red, which appears something like this...

Over the years, we have learned firsthand what this is all about and how we best work with one another, basically embracing our opposite personalities. Leah balances me, in the most beautiful way and I'm forever grateful for her friendship and presence in my life -- even if it's currently 5500 miles apart. 

For quite some time, I had been sharing with Leah, that I thought she and I should do a project with one another, more specifically a diptych project. Every now and then, I'd put another bug in her ear about this thought, believing that when the time was right, it would happen. Well, with the beginning of this new year, it happened -- and our pairing of our images is happening in the most organic, fluid and serendipitous way.  

We set in with the goal of one diptych each week but we have been having so much fun, we have done a diptych almost every day this past week.  It's so exciting to see how our images are coming together so effortlessly. We love seeing the connections and contrasts of our images...

  • The green plants with the random stranger that happened into both our frames.
  • The lines of the Yokohama store fronts with the lines of the house in Orange, both taken while our kids were exploring their environments.
  • Our dogs, leading similar lives, yet within the framework of two very different cultures. 
  • The orange and the greens and the growth, calm and beauty of the moments.

We can't wait to see where these photographs continue to take us through the year. One thing for certain -- we are energized with photographing the world around us. Cheers to a new year, open to new and exciting possibilities. 

Here & There (<-- click to see entire project)
Two countries. Two cultures. Two photographers.
Sharing the comparisons and contrasts in our everyday lives.
We hope you enjoy!
Deb (and Leah)