the gift of imagination & creativity

celebrate the gift of the human careful that you use this gift wisely. see your children's creative capacities for the richness that they are. see our children for the hope that they are. educate their whole being. we may not see the future but they will! our job is to help them make something of it. - adapted from ken robinson's TED talk

hearing these words gave me chills and made my heart race. sadly, my little ones do not have art at school. gratefully, they have an absolutely amazing art instructor that they see once a week after school. my goal is that my children never lose the creative freedom they currently possess. i cherish and celebrate the creative gifts they deliver to me regularly and yesterday brought me this...

A VIDEO THAT SKYLER MADE  on her ipod touch.  be sure to have your sound on.  i didn't even know she was working on this, let alone know how to use this app.

and an art project my daughter did in her creative journal, which she suggested i also have.

i get asked a lot about who or what inspires me and i always say that my children do.  but no kidding -- THEY WHOLEHEARTEDLY DO!!  i'm now planning to work on a collaboration with kiele directly related to her art collage above.

and if you haven't heard of the company sevenly, here you go.  they have the most amazing t-shirts EVER!!  and you can't go wrong because with every purchase, part of the money goes back to the week's cause.  i own two of their shirts already and will be purchasing this education tee (beyond being cool, they are great quality).  what great christmas presents too!!