being good enough

a friend of mine shared with me that she saw one of my photos on the hands free revolution's facebook page this morning. so i went to look. i was so happy to see that they had credited me for the image.  but then i read. their words were perfect and beautiful. and as a self-proclaimed perfectionist, being good enough is something that i often need to remind myself. so today, i embrace and celebrate things in my life being 'good enough'.   yes...good enough!

Children are learning how to be adults by watching the adults in their lives. I want my children to grow up to be adults who embrace “Good Enough.” Here is what Good Enough looks like to me…

Good Enough is spacious. Room for spills, or unkind words, or loud public meltdowns, fielded with love and understanding in-the-middle-of-the-grocery-store-with-the-ice-cream-melting-and-the-produce-overflowing-the-cart when we all agree to just walk away and try again tomorrow.

Good Enough accepts mistakes. Voices them. Owns them. Apologizes. And moves on.

Good Enough asks for help. And never refuses it when it is offered, no matter how awkward it is to send baskets full of dirty laundry home with a friend who is offering to wash, dry, and fold load after load when the dryer is broken.

Good Enough know that “best” requires balance. Especially when life circumstances tax your emotional reserves. When the basement floods, the television is a fantastic substitute for that fabulous, intentional care you typically provide but can’t because you are knee deep in flood water. When your partner travels and you don’t have support with child care, then fish sticks, pizza, or ice cream, (or all three!) are the perfect dinner.

Good Enough doesn’t wallow in defeat. But instead, assumes a posture of problem-solving and solution-seeking. Not in pursuit of perfection, but as a way to a fuller life." -Emily Plank

When we embrace our imperfectly perfect life, we give our children the freedom to do the same. I invite you to read the post in its entirety and be inspired by Emily's enlightening perspective. It's the essence of letting go to grasp what really matters.

thank you hands free mama for sharing.