fav finds | twenty-nine

good words to read with the start of each day.

this too.

pretty boots.

because i'm currently obsessed with owning a working, vintage typewriter at the moment.

love absolutely everything about this outfit.

i believe in random acts of kindness.

new awesome and super easy crockpot recipe. chicken breasts 6 Tbs franks hot sauce 6 Tbs chicken broth serve over rice, with beans, as taco meat...whatever. YUM!!

i make a modified version of these every christmas and give to teachers, neighbors, etc.  terribly addicting.

all kinds of cool 'did you knows' (most of which i didn't)

this article, which includes this quote:

The beauty of storytelling is found in a series of images that translate truth—not our truth, but theirs. When we, as photographers, let go of our selfish needs to create the best work, capture award-winning images, or be featured on the covers of magazines, we allow the beauty of others’ circumstance to resonate through our lenses. This is art. This is humanity. We are able to show others that their story has significance, that their lives are beautiful and profound.

this video, which had be laughing, but the poor thing.  she tried so, so hard.

and this video had me laughing so hard, i was crying.

last but not least, this video and the life-changing power of a good teacher!!  personally, kiele wouldn't be where she is today without a few amazing, special teachers in her life, who believed she could...when everyone else said she couldn't!