my love for her...

oh how i love sally mann!  stumbled upon this video the other morning -- from a charlie rose interview in 2003. sally mann just blows my mind -- in the best way, of course. it's about 20 minutes long, but so worth your time (IMHO).  i hope you'll watch. my friend, meg, also shared with me this morning, that sally mann is going to be speaking at the university of michigan's school of art & design on september 20th.  if i wasn't already traveling, i would so be there!

i am confident that one day, someday, somehow...i WILL meet sally mann! for the moment, i'll just keep dreaming about that day. :-)

now go.  work hard. be determined.  stay true to yourself.  pursue your dreams. and make things happen.

and on that note, let me close with these words from the inspirational seth godin...

One reason to do something is because you get paid to do it.

But it's sad to think that this might be the only reason to do something.

Now that you've got a skillset and trust and leverage and a following and the tools to make something happen, are you going to invest your heart and soul into something that's important or waste it selling something you're not proud of?