fav finds | twenty-eight

after quite the hiatus, i'm bringing my fav finds back (at least for today :-) )... yes, please.

i'm sure this implies something a bit more healthy, but our (terrible, brand new, not-metting-code) roof situation makes me just want to run -- and hide.

i've thought about doing this for the last 10 years. one of these days, i will.

might have to figure out how to do this with the kids this weekend.

applesauce nut bread. yum!

love jonathan adler pillows and now there's an owl. oh dear.

pretty boots.

pretty leopard jacket.

just love dogeared necklaces and now my friend sells them.  might have to order one or two.

also love these blankets. my favorite for years.

kids and i have been having fun working on our own painted animals.

adore this custom family pillow!!

might be my pumpkin this year.

print your photographs!!  love this black & white display.

wise words.

someday i will own one of these.

i think i'm going to ask kiele to draw / paint  something like this for our house.

my sweet friend, leah of lilyblue, just released these awesome new presets.

this boy on x factor last night.  OH MY GOODNESS (have to watch the whole thing)...

last but not least, i can barely stand it...LOVE this show and season two starts in two days.