hello from TZ

have a bit of wireless so thought i'd take the opportunity for a quick update, from the past couple of days, here in tanzania... DAY ONE flight in tampa delayed 1 hour, 15 minutes delta wouldn't wave $200 fee on bag of donation items ran to my gate in detroit had to run much faster and farther, to my gate in amsterdam visa line long stopped by customs sweating bullets and about to cry in customs office customs man kept saying, "what do we do?" i kept replying, "i don't know, what DO we do?" had to pay customs $100 to clear my two donation bags better than the $247 that customs man calculated hotel is nice hotel and restaurant folks are super friendly visited boarding school (usa river academy), where most of the TFFT children are the kids at the boarding school are so precious (always wanting to touch (my hair, camera, etc.) and be held)

DAY TWO went into town interesting and sometimes a bit scary mobbed by people wanting to sell you something had to keep my camera in bag most of the time town locals like to call me rasta saw a family of wild monkeys this morning at my hotel cars everywhere never seen so many people crammed into a single bus (more like a van) honking all the time, which is a language all it's own -- means watch out, thank you, i'm coming, you pissed me off, etc. no stop lights people drive on the left most of the time food has been great (eggs, chicken soup, chicken masala, butter chicken) headed to lunch with a big group today (TFFT and another foundation) so excited to see and photograph one of the orphanages this afternoon

last day of wireless at my friend's hotel hopeful to have wireless on day five of RIDETZ

feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful!!

my hotel

the students at usa river academy

the 16-year-old TFFT student, who was selected to do RIDETZ

saying good-bye, for the day

a wild monkey, at my hotel

center of town

hoping to share more photos in a few days.  :-)