fav finds | twenty-seven

i have a thing about colored doors. one day i will have one.

love the light.

love the shadows.

going to have to try this healthier version.

make art  |  not war.

need to photograph in the water at night.

love this (glow sticks in balloons).

i'd really like these.

such a beautifully framed portrait.

i could live off of nachos.

how could you not be happy with these stairs in your house?

need to do ASAP.

so many recipes for sauces, dips and mixes.

yes you are!

breathe. let go. and remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. - oprah winfrey

the fact that he won makes my heart so happy.

i could listen to this all day...

and last but not least disconnect to connect -- and be present.