live the life that only you allow

kiele had an assignment in her creative writing class, where she had to write a poem about bullying.  this is what she wrote... I don’t know how I can keep living on Every time I wake up the pain resumes Hurtful words in my head from night to dawn My hope keeps dying like the waning moon

Can I wonder why you cause me this pain Am I allowed to think or has that gone Along with my mind that had kept me sane Should I just give up for what I’ve done wrong

Death beckons me with it’s shadowy gaze I want to follow to escape your grasp You’ve seen my beauty only through a haze And I want to leave your bullying clasp

I want to live free of all your torments Can’t keep pretending that things are okay Instead of going down a dark descent Instead of breaking and being your prey

I will stand up for myself and fight now And live the life that only I allow.

gratefully, kiele has not been bullied.  i can't imagine what these children, who are bullied, go through. but my hope is that each and every one of them finds a way to stand up for themselves, fight back and live the lives that only they allow.