fav finds | week twenty-one

just as it is.

can't wait to get one of these for my desk.  although i can't decide between the owl and the crazy super hero person.

what we think of as failures is an essential part of life and success.

looking forward to reading this book, after having read this one a few years ago.

this dress.

and these shoes.

one of these days, i will have a cactus like this in my home.  maybe when we stop moving every 2-3 years.

saw the lorax movie this week. while a bit bored in the middle, couldn't help but love it by the end, which included this quote.

yes, shit could sure be worse.  remind myself often that i have nothing to bitch about.

my MIL and i have been talking for years about doing a little family book that includes family recipes, drawings, favorite quotes, etc.  what a special thing to pass down the generations.  maybe we'll work on that tho summer, when i'm visiting.

must make soon.  jalapeño popper grilled cheese.

be grateful.

saw this and couldn't stop thinking about our april 2013 british virgin islands sailing trip.  four couples on a 40-50 foot catamaran. steve lived on a sailboat when i met him and he's been dreaming of a sailing trip for a long time now.  thanks heather for coordinating.  so can't wait!!

i usually give books as birthday gifts.  what a great idea to also give books as party favors, for any party.

such a cool photograph of grand central station.


hope he wins.

lastly, if you haven't seen this, you MUST WATCH.  it's 30-minutes, but you'll be glued to the screen and so happy you took the time to watch.  it's everywhere right now.  it's so darn important. it's "awareness turned into action"!!