a great way to start the week

it was a crazy week last week, with the kids on spring break and all.  lots of playing.  too much eating.  too much drinking.  and now it's time to regroup and get focused again.  and i can't think of a more better way to start the week than this... i'm a long time fan of mark tucker's. and it's posts like this one  that inspire me so much. the portraits he takes. the stories he shares. i love the way he really gets to know the people he photographs. he captures more than just a simple portrait; he captures their character...their soul.

and watching this video he linked to in his post, has tears strolling down my cheeks. i'd like to blame it on PMS, but that's not it. maybe lack of sleep. who knows? maybe it's the simple power of inspiration and sharing your gift with others.  indeed, a great and beautiful way to start the week...

Matthew Sherrill and Julie Lee from Mark Tucker on Vimeo.

thank you mark tucker!  for being you and sharing your incredible gift with all of us.