fav finds | week nineteen

i would love to have this hanging next to my computer.

determined to find the perfect & timeless button down blue shirt.

pretty stacking rings.

so love the idea of sequins shorts or skirt and plain t-shirt.

i've loved rice pudding since i was a kid.  interested to try this.

shared her work before but feeling the need to share again.  adore what she creates.

would love to make something like this with my family -- everyone brainstorm 'the best feelings in the world' and then put them all together.

this melts me.

i love you to the moon and back & much more.

i wonder what the future holds with all these digital photographs that never make it off the hard drive. :-(

goat cheese and avocado in the same recipe?  ummmm...YUM!!.

just bought this print for my new bathroom.  have a water theme and plan to hang it right next to the mirror.

such an awesome idea.

love -- minus the scarf as i'm not a scarf girl.

THANK YOU patriot guard riders -- for all that you do.

huge kick-ass print.  someday i will have one in my home [maybe when we're in one place for more than three years]!

i love this photo so much, i can barely stand it.  the whole series is A-MAZING.

need to make an IKEA run. it's been a while.

so cool.

this capture couldn't be more perfect.

embroidery hoop + pillow case = hanging laundry bag.

here's your sign. now run with it.