fav finds | week fourteen

just follow the rules.

this website is so amazing [recipes, meal planning, shopping list printouts, food labels & so much more].

and yet, more terrarium love.

excited that these are coming to nordstroms in just a few weeks.

love this portrait so much.

be awesome -- today and everyday.

lucky us -- i'd love to make something like this [year we married & years the kids were born].

i think skyler might like this.

and ryder this.

not sure i would ever do this in my house, but i totally dig this corner. or maybe i would.

i wish i had a bigger freezer. this just seems to make sense to me.

trying to figure out where this happy reading rainbow could go in my house. i've even considered the new bathroom.

these recipes seem pretty darn amazing.


want for the littles room.

i'm making these in six days.