fav finds | week fifteen

embrace it.

can't wait to make these.

i so want to create a family time capsule.  added to my next week's to-do list!

love my orange townie.  but i really need to ride it more.

hoping my kids will be inspired to make me something like this.

it would be such a dream to meet her. or photograph her. both really.

been wanting a fire pit for a while. this seems perfect.

i really want these but they're all sold our right now.

love these postcards so much, especially the bullshit makes people ugly one.

so hilarious!

roasted vegetable enchiladas. yum!

i am so getting this shirt.

magical photograph.

i really want to get a pouf for my house. preferably a bit cheaper.

roasted banana rum cake.

i was laughing so hard watching this, i could barely breathe.