fav finds | week seven

yes, it was supposed to be fav finds friday but i had two editorial shoots this weekend and my friday ended up being consumed with prepping for the shoots.  so  here with go with fav finds monday. hope you enjoy... love this

these geometric animals, to hang on the wall, are so cool

i do something like this every christmas for my neighbors and friends, although i usually useregular mini pretzels, dip the pretzels in white chocolate and then add two M&Ms. they're such an addicting snack.

would love to make one of these for each of my kids, in a theme of what they love or are into [and maybe a christmas idea for the cousins].  hmmm...the kids could even help create the cousins.

seven-layer dip [made with homemade guacamole] is one of my absolute favorites to bring to parties and pot-lucks. so love the look of this one. i also love bringing a side of garlic-garlic dip.

i used to make friendship bracelets all the time as a kid.  here's a couple cool tutorials for macrame bracelets.

this is just pretty darn fabulous. i would love to own a print.

i'm craving this. i think i'll make this tonight with some grilled chicken.

and i'm going to try this idea because the salad [in the bag] always seems to go bad in my fridge. i'm hoping that if i prep the salad ahead of time, it will actually make it's way to our plates.

i'd love to have this clock [and the table and the lamp] in my home

i'm really not a very good vegetable eater, but my friend leah swore by roasted vegetables.  so i gave them a shot and have to say...i love them.  this is the recipe i use, although i add zucchini and fresh garlic too.

i really should read this regularly