fav finds | week nine

i'm a huge handwritten to-do list kind of girl. electronic lists just won't do. and i so love this written to-do list from johnny cash. and i just so love johnny cash.

my kind of necklace. simple and pretty.

pretty bangle bracelet.

a most perfect outfit, for almost any day.

love non-itchy smartwool socks, especially these knee-high ones.

i've made these green bean bundles quite a few times.  they're not exactly healthy but they are fabulous.

you & me & us & we & love. yes.

i love this commitment to shoot and print daily. and if you've never seen lila was here, andrea does daily photos better than any i've ever seen.  beyond inspiring.

hoping ; -) santa brings our family this. followed by this and this and this. and then i'll be on the local hunt for a bob seger, bob dylan and cat stevens album [all memories of what i listened to daily as a kid].

this is my kind of wrapping. you can find the tape here and here.

i have a thing for vintage fabrics, linens and wallpaper. and this is great.

my absolute favorite blanket / throw.

backlight love. not always the easiest but when it's good, it's really good. you can never practice enough.

i'm doing this as soon as we're back from nevada! but i want to do non-holiday versions. will be perfect for the trinkets my kids collect, e.g. shells, bottle caps, etc.

i dream about shots like this with my own family. more inspiration on this blog. sigh!!

did i share this before? just makes my heart so happy.

love this awesome blog post -- 30 things to stop doing to yourself. and love the blog in general.