fav finds | week eight

since i'm pretty bah-humbug right now, i decided to focus on christmas this week. yes, today is the day that i'm going to shake this grumpiness and get in the christmas spirit. because my attitude pretty much sucks [thanks to renovation yuck and a messy, cluttered house] and it's not fair to the kids. not one bit!!  so, here we go... we've been trying to figure out what we're going to do with outdoor lights, with this house. last year, we tried our usual -- big colorful lights, hung straight along the roof line. but with this spanish-style adobe, it just didn't work well. today, i came across this and i think hanging something like this in our entryway would be fun and pretty much perfect.

one hula hoop (spray painted) + two strings of icicle lights and duct tape = outdoor chandelier

i'd love to someday do a family fingerprint ornament. would be a great ornament to pass down to each kid.

since we leave in a week, for nevada, and still don't have a tree, i love the idea of doing something like this -- vintage containers filled with pine saplings. getting a tree[s] is my mission after seeing the muppet christmas movie today.

i'd love to cover my front windows with hanging snowflakes, like this.

and free printable snowflake patterns

i've loved this idea for years.  someday...

a few cute free printable gift tags here, here and here.

my friend, heather, gave me the idea of doing homemade christmas ornaments every year using the kids' photos. maybe cookie cutter ornaments could be our ornament project this year.

peanut butter reindeer cookies. kids would love to make these.

love this idea, either for the cards you receive every year [and then display them on your coffee table every christmas] or to simply keep your own cards together, from over the years. i'm digging this blog too; a new one to follow and be inspired by, for sure.

wishing you a holly jolly christmas

now to get my annual family books [christmas presents] ordered and get off this dang computer for the rest of the day. xo scrooge schwedhelm