coming soon

i'm excited to share that i'm hosting cheryl jacob-nicolai's upcoming FILM INSPIRES! workshop -- march 26th - 28th in south tampa, florida.  here's a bit about what FILM INSPIRES! has to offer:

This creatively-charged workshop will take you all the way from loading your camera, to film selection, to creative metering, to lighting and composing for the look you envision….and then through film shooting, developing, scanning, and printing. Yes, in this workshop you will see your film all the way through the process.

Included with this workshop, you will receive a copy of my film handbook, a Holga medium format camera and up to three rolls of film (which we will be shooting and developing during the workshop). And much more!

all the workshop details can be found here.  and registration here.  space is limited to eight so if interested, you might wan to register SOON (i think the workshop is already have full).

most anyone who reads my blog knows how much i admire CJ. i met her very early on in my photography journey and her inspiration has continued every since.  i personally cannot wait to hear all CJ has to share.

me, photographed by cheryl jacobs-nicolai a few years ago in san diego.  testing out a vintage 1930s camera.