my muse | part I

muse.the goddess or the power regarded as inspiring a poet, artist, thinker or the like. a goddess that inspires a creative artist. a source of inspiration.

skyler is and always has been my muse. she inspires me more than any other. she's put up with my growth and frustrations in photography. she's allowed me to test new ideas and techniques. most of the time, she just does her thing and i excitedly shoot. we understand one another that way. but, i hope she knows how much i truly appreciate her and all she does and gives to me...each and every time. i can't imagine a better muse in my life but i guess that's what a muse is all about. i can't imagine my photography without her. ever.

needless to say, i have SO MANY photos of sky.  i was grabbing some of my favorites of favorites, to share, and there were still so many that i decided to have a muse part I and II. most of these have come and gone, from my website portfolio. a few have stayed strong. i hope you enjoy part I [2006, when i first picked up a camera, till 2008]...

goodness, i love this child so much. so much my opposite. so much my same.  so much completes me. and i can't wait to continue to grow WITH her.