fav finds friday | week five

there's so many signs tacked up around tampa -- money 4 junk cars, 2/1 house for sale, avoid foreclosure, etc. well i love the idea of placing some of these around town.

longing for more music around my house. and this ipod dock is pretty darn cool.

love this simple, casual look so much. wish it was cooler so i could dress like this. we're back to humid and the 80s here in tampa.

something so magical and powerful about this moment captured.  makes me want to slow down!

love the idea of making cords that are hanging around pretty.

would love to try this project.

this is SO my kind of business card.  i never seem to have my business cards with me.

this power pig with 17 snout-plugs is pretty darn cool too. cords around the house make me cringe but i might be okay with them if i had a power pig. although i couldn't find it for sale anywhere.

DIY [toilet paper tube] owls. will have to do with the kids.

i keep looking and looking at these.  for years now.  one day i'm going to get a pair.  and red seems just right.

i'm not sure you can ever go wrong with homemade chicken noodle soup. some in the fridge. some in the freezer for a later date.

haven't made this recipe yet but i have all the ingredients and am excited to try it -- creamy chicken apple chili. a friend made it and said it was awesome.

not only do i love this quote, i love the whole mixed media art piece.