celebrating moms

what a wonderful tumblr THIS tumblr is. a tumblr that celebrates lovely moms. a tumblr that made my heart skip a beat as i scrolled through the images. and in celebrating lovely moms, i celebrate MY mom, whose birthday was yesterday (11/11/11)!! mom, i love you. more than words could ever express. more than you'll ever know. i can't believe all that you did for michelle and i growing up. i could never thank you enough. i know that you gave us the absolute best you could. everything you could. you asked me if i would forgive you. i forgave you long ago, although i'm not sure there was anything to forgive. i am who i am because of YOU! i am so very proud to call you my mom. i wouldn't have it any other way.

thank you mom. for being so amazing. and being such an inspirational survivor!

happy birthday!!!!!

i love you, debbie

p.s. can't wait to see you next month.

a few photos of my mom, with the littles, this past july...

and a photo i found on my computer of my mom, kiele and i, from the dinner rehearsal before steve an i got married (2002)...