you are what you see

okay. not really.  but, i saw this on pinterest the other day. not sure how accurate it is [LOL] but kind of fun. what are the first four words you see? i'd love to know; post your four words in the comments.

original source is here.

also, i've had a few people inquire about the smile photo seen here in our house entry way.  i actually took that photo, when we lived in kansas.  please email me if interested in purchasing a print.

BTW my first four words were... happy naive outspoken love

ETA -- i just did this with kiele and skyer. they found...

KIELE: happy patient prey peace

SKY: lazy happy sweet love

i'd pretty much say that the words they found are right on. prey through me off a bit but kiele is such an animal lover, so maybe that's where it comes from.