to have a dream

my friend, peta, told me about this awesome documentary. to have a dream wish that you could stick with your dream and focus on what makes you happy take risks and do something bigger than yourself... something that is true and good and meaningful.

that's what he did...

and i so can't wait to see this award-winning documentary.

i also just saw the bill cunningham new york documentary on 'on demand'.  a simple, yet great documentary and what a fascinating, joyful, intriguing man. mr. cunningham is an 82-year-old street fashion photographer in NY, simply [and completely] doing what he loves and is so passionate about. as i watched the documentary, all i kept thinking about was how could anyone not be happy being around this man; i found myself smiling at the TV more than once.

and here's mr. cunninghan's 'on the street' feature on the NY times.

i wish i could remember more of the great words shared by mr. cunningham throughout the film, but here's a few...

money is the cheapest thing. freedom is the most expensive. a lot of people have taste, but a few are daring enough to be creative. most of the time i miss, but i try.

lastly, i so love this quote shared with me the other day by my friend, lissa...

when you find you are lost or running into closed doors, be yourself...only more. - author unknown