grace, hope & strength

as i bitch about this and that and this and that, HER feed pops up on my facebook wall and i am reminded about the treasure and absolute gift of life. i am slapped in the face with this amazing woman's strength and grace, as she fights...for her life.  recently, jen's world was rocked [completely rocked] as she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.  she went through massive surgery and is left with specs of cancer in her abdomen. she is currently receiving a double dose of chemo (IV and directly into her abdomen). you can read all about and follow her fight here. she is amazing. full of grace, hope, love and strength. i don't know jen very well, but she reminds me to be grateful. she reminds me to live and enjoy...

enjoy every single minute that i am blessed with.

i am reminded to not take anything for granted. i am reminded that i have nothing to bitch, moan, groan or compain about, that's for sure.

i think about and follow jen daily. but i wish there was something great i could do for her.

sending you so much light, love, hope and strength jen!!