after 2-1/2 months away

i did quite a bit of traveling this summer, which factored into my 2-1/2 month break slacking from crossfit and eating like shit.  i am huge into the routine of working out and when things got thrown off, they REALLY got thrown off.  and i had a hard time getting back into the swing of things.  i really have no excuse for not working out because i could have visited any crossfit gym across the country or i could have created my own body-weight workout.  anyways...i'm now officially back at it.  i did crossfit this past friday and monday (i try to get to crossfit every M-W-F).  monday's workout was... 1000 m row 50 thrusters 40 hand release push ups 30 1 arm snatches (15 each side) 20 burpees 10 pull ups 1000 m run

i about died. so, so hard.  i could barely move yesterday, let alone walk. today, i am still crazy sore. so i decided to give myself another day to recover (as i'm still walking like an old lady) and didn't go to crossfit this morning.  instead, i'm planning to do friday's crossfit workout and sunday's yoga class.

i've also started eating well again (at least much, much better than i was).  i'm determined to get back to how i was feeling before -- mentally and physically.

i took these this morning. i had gotten ready for crossfit but after walking the kids (painfully) to school, i decided i was going to skip today and just did these pictures instead.  here's my previous update (pre-working out and april 2011 photos), for comparison.

since i was so anxious to share my crossfit progress, i thought it equally important to share my falling off the wagon.  i'm SO READY to start feeling great again!!  i miss that feeling.