shouting how i feel

it all started when i posted this image a few weeks ago.

and now...... henri cartier-bresson keeps popping into my life. i can't help but think that the universe is sending me a message. and i'm listening!!!

HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON - Decisive Moment, The from bt465 on Vimeo.

ETA:  oh dear, it's so sad that this video is gone.  i'm so sorry if you missed it.  but i'm so happy i wrote his words that most impacted me.

his work. his thoughts. his words. they take my breath away.

and because i am so in love with his words, i've typed some of them out and posted them to my inspiration board that sits right next to my desk... life is once. forever. good vs mediocre is a question of millimeters...but essential. it's very small moves. sometimes there's no picture and that's alright. a photograph is a story. there's a whole world in it. a photograph that you can look at over and over again...there's not many. the most difficult thing is a portrait. who is it? what is it? you have to be like a cat. and not disturb. a person doesn't react the same way when he's not studied. you see them stripped naked in a photograph. it's an interesting thing having wrinkles. after a certain age, you get the face that you deserve. there's no rule to how many pictures you take. there's lots of great anxiety in this profession. what's going to happen...what, what, what?? you shouldn't over-shoot. it's like over-eating. over-drinking. it's an instinct. you have to be quick, quick, quick, quick. like an animal and it's prey. a question of awareness. photography is a physical pleasure. it doesn't take much brains. it takes sensitivity, a finger and two legs. i never think. i act quick. you have to forget yourself. and be yourself at the same time. an image becomes much stronger -- what you want. what you see. it's about not thinking. don't try to push a point...explain something or prove something. you don't prove anything. it comes by itself. first impression is essential -- the intillectual experiences...fully enriching. photography is the essence of everything -- the spark between two elements. you can't look for it. it's like looking for inspiration. it comes by enriching yourself and living. it comes naturally. it's seldom you make a great picture. there's no new ideas in the world. there's only new arrangement of things. it means re-examining. you can't just photograph everything you see. there's some places where the pulse beats more. anyone can do 10 great photographs. keep on, on, on. what is interesting is consistency. it's always re-examining things, trying to be more lucid and free-er and go deeper and deeper the camera is a weapon. you can't prove anything but at the same time it is a weapon. photography is a way of shouting the way you feel. it can be a machine gun. a warm kiss. a sketch book. ...the camera. i enjoy shooting a picture. being present. photography is like that...yes, yes, yes. there's no maybes. the maybes should go in the trash. it's an enjoyment. an affirmation.