fathers and statues

to all the fathers out there...i hope you have a most-fabulous day today!!

and here's to steve, who became an instant father when he met me.  he has always treated kiele like his own, while also respecting mike as her father.  and kiele was tough at first...she once told steve that he wasn't her stepdad; he was just her step.  while i'm sure it shook him, you would never have known.

once we were married, steve quickly became a father again. and again.

steve is not only an amazing father, but also an equally amazing husband. the kids and i are truly blessed!! happy father's day honey!!

and as if i haven't already blogged enough about SYTYCD.  well, i just can't help but blog this routine.  the first week and already a breathtaking routine.  and these two dancers just happen to be my favorites.  have been from the very beginning, for some reason.

goodness... just love...

i really think there's dance in my soul. i really wish that i was a dancer.  i really wish my mom didn't let me quit, as a young child (just because all they had us do were butterflies around the room on the first day and i wanted to do the real stuff). although i was probably stubborn as hell and told her that there was no way she was getting me back there.  and so my dance career came to an end after one day of butterflies.