people come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime.when you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. - author unknown

the J family definitely came into my life for a reason, season AND a lifetime!!

after kiele was born, i had to go back to work (as an air force nurse) when kiele was six weeks old.  i started her at a facility day care and after many days of tears, frustration and heartache, a friend had recommended me to  the J family, an in-home daycare -- more specifically momma carmen (as kiele came to call her).

kiele was a difficult sleeper and eater.  but that was no challenge to momma carmen, who made a Philippine-style hammock in one of her bedrooms, rocked her to sleep and chased kiele around with food.

momma carmen was such a gift in my life!!  i'm not sure i can ever fully explain or thank her enough.

that was 14 years ago.  and now momma carmen's daughter (who i met when she was 12) is married with two kids and just happens to live in san diego.  so when i was on my trip last month, i was able to photograph momma carmen's daughter and her family.

i can't even begin to share how much i love the J family.  they are such a gift in my life and i feel so blessed to call them my family!!  love and miss you so!!

i almost forgot, i just happened upon this photo of M and kiele the other day (from 11 years ago)...